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Take it to the limit
with our Flailbot range

Flailbot is Bomford’s wirelessly operated track mower for challenging terrains that offers the ultimate remotely controlled mowing capability with zero operator risk.

Take it to the limit
A head for heights

Flailbot is as at home on steep slopes as it is on flatter areas. It’s powerful and efficient engine can reach and work on terrains angled up to 55°

Robust and delivering ample power and torque, it performs reliably, under arduous or extended duty, without overheating. The whole powertrain has been designed and tested to work continuously and being remotely controlled makes it ideal for use for:

  • Hilly and mountainous areas.
  • Banks and ditches.
  • Escarpments and highways.
  • Near railway lines
  • Military land.
  • Industrial and energy plants.
  • Public parklands.
  • Forested areas.
  • Airports.
  • Drainage systems and reservoirs.
  • Municipal areas.
  • Sports facilities.
Take it to the limit</br>A head for heights
Ultimate control

Ultimate control

The remote control, operating all Flailbot functions, has a range of up to 150m (492’).

Providing precise control of forward or reverse track speeds, real-time critical machine data and the ability to adjust the offset needed to maintain direction amongst many others.

For every situation
Confidence on any terrain

With a range of powerful engines (from 25hp to 75hp), twin-track grip, excellent manoeuvrability and flexible tool attachment options, Flailbot delivers the all-terrain performance you need.

Whilst the engine is running, oil pressure-controlled track tensioners keep both tracks correctly tensioned automatically, preventing track loss and maximising grip on difficult ground. Protected track idler sprockets and wheels further secure the tracks.

For particularly difficult or steep conditions, the operator can also remotely extend each track width individually by 250mm / 10”, increasing the footprint for added stability and grip by up to 500mm. Both tracks can be extended at the same time.

For every situation </br>Confidence on any terrain

Precise, uniform and flexible

Optimum cutting is maintained by a constantly adjusting cutting head via hydraulic actuators.

Flailbot’s adjustment system can be calibrated to match the tool heads in use. The high strength steel head has a cutting width of 1500 mm / 59” and a cutting rotor with multi-purpose flails arranged in a helical pattern for constant uniform coverage of the mowing area at all times.

Add to that our range of heads, attachments and accessories, Flailbot is your go to remote machine for every landscape application.

View range of heads and accessories

Choice of tracks to suit the terrain

Powerful mowing machinery needs to perform consistently. To navigate variable or vulnerable terrain easily, Flailbot offers different track options:

A – Standard Track
Rubber track with low impact tread pattern. Ideal for most normal terrain.

B – Hi-Grip Track
Rubber track with deep tread pattern. Offers enhanced grip for mixed substrates.

C – Metal Spiked Track
Steel-linked tracks with spiked studs. Offers maximum traction and stability navigating steep,challenging inclines.

Choice of tracks to suit the terrain

Check out our Flailbot Demo Video

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