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System 1 Fittings

Three point linkage kits that allow quick and easy attachment to the tractor using the standard three point mounting and machine support frame. There are 4 types of three point mounting kits.

Chain Stabiliser Kit

A simple and cost-effective solution. Fitted using “key hole” plates on the top link and lower link pins, the working height is selected on the tractor hydraulics, chains are slotted through the key hole plates and become tight and control lateral stability when weight is lowered.

A Frame

A fixed mounting fitted to the tractor’s top link clevis, this is a simple and secure way of linking various attachments. The frame can be bolted to the machine using one of the series of attachment holes and check chains tightened to prevent sideways movement.

Three Point Linkage

This popular type of mounting frame is fitted to the machine before fitting to the tractor and is compatible with a wide range of tractor makes and models. The tractor’s 3-point linkage is then attached to the machine and the mounting frame for secure linkage with check chains tightened to prevent sideways movement.

Four Point Linkage

This mounting frame uses the conventional 3-point linkage but also connects to the tractor’s pick-up hitch to create additional stability and rigidity when working.

Heavy Duty Linkage

Heavy duty three-point linkages provide maximum stability for larger arm mowers. This linkage is suitable for Cat II and Cat III, and for machines up to 6.5m reach. It can also be used in conjunction with a tractor’s Euro type hitch.

System Compatibility

System 1

Chain Stabiliser Kit

‘A’ Frame

Three Point Linkage

Four Point Linkage

Heavy Duty Linkage

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