2017 - a remarkable event took place!

It is not often that you can talk about a relationship that has lasted 50 years, in fact it is not often that many things last 50 years.

It is with great pleasure that this week Bomford celebrated a 50-year-old relationship with our distributor for France - Sarl Quitte ets Fils - Niort - France.

The Quitte company was started 60 years ago by Mr. Roger Quitte, and was to supply agricultural machinery to the French market, both as a dealer, and as an importer.  This wonderful relationship between Quitte company and Bomford began 50 years ago, leading the market in France with sales all over the country of the renowned yellow reach arm mowers.

This was to be the foundation of what has turned out to be a long and lasting relationship, with many 1000s of reach arm mowers and hedge cutter sold, in every region of France, through many generations of Farmers, and contractors.

Mr. Didier Quitte - is now running the company - Rogers son, and with great success. The business has navigated through the difficult political, and economic changes that not only have affected France, but the wider markets.  This resolve from the Quitte company has seen record sales in 2017 as the company approached its 50th year trading with Bomford Turner Ltd.

We felt that as a mark of this achievement we should give Didier, and the Quitte company a special gift - and we presented a Bomford Raven - reach arm mower painted in Gold and Blue to mark this 50 year anniversary.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank, Mr.Didier Quitte, his family, employees and all of our loyal customers in France for this momentous occasion.

Best wishes

James Cuthbertson

Director of Sales & Marketing

Bomford Turner Ltd

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